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On-site computer service or remote service over the Internet.

Based in Murphys, CA, serving Calaveras, Tuolumne, and Amador counties
And serving the whole world using remote connection via the Internet.

  • Are you looking for a computer service that is responsive and delivers quickly and on time?
  • Do you need someone who gets it right the first time? 
  • Do you need service that delivers what it says, when it says.
  • Are you looking for a service that bills only when it succeeds and not for failed attempts.
  • Are you looking for a warranty on the work?

Have a computer question?  Give us a call.  We are happy to answer your questions.


When problems come up, do you have someone  you can call who will come right over? 

If you are like most of us, your computer helps you to make earn your living, and keeping it running is a must.  In addition to the service you deliver and the products you sell, your computer is a big part of keeping your business running.

With 35 years in the I.T. business, we have seen it all.  Call us right away, and we will come right over and  get your computer up and running.


Everyone is on a network these days.  If you are on the internet, if you have more than one computer, if you have a router or modem or switch,  if you have blue cables or wi-fi, if you do email and social networking, you are on a network.

Some businesses have a Windows file server, and share printers, and scanners, and centralize their data and data backups.

With 35 years experience  working on servers, routers, and cabling, we can solve the problems you can't.  We act as your network administrator.  Just like the big corporations have, but you only pay us when you need us.

Plus, we will make sure your data is secure from unwanted predators, hackers, and viruses.


You don't need me to tell you the bad guys are out there.  Don't let them get to your computers.

We know how to get rid of viruses and malware, and prevent your computers from getting them.  Plus we can lock out potential hackers.  Our suite of products cannot be beat, and we will track your license numbers and expiration dates, and make sure your protection never lapses.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


It will cost you less to keep it running for years and years than to buy new.

Just like cars, computers need regular tune-ups to keep them running for years.  My Camry has 250,000 miles on it, my Honda 130,000.  My new pickup gets regular tune-ups and oil changes.  I hope to get half a million miles before I drive it off a cliff.


We have a unique set of computer tune-up tools that will keep your old Widows machine running long past its obsolescence date.  If we tune it up a couple of times a year, you can avoid downtime, and you can decide when to buy a new computer, instead of letting the computer make that choice for you.


Sometimes you need something you can't do yourself.  You need something special.  Call us first. 

We write Business Management Software. 

You may need ways to better manage your customer and prospect records, or other business activities.  You may need to track  of them in ways that other programs just can't do.   Your accounting system and CRM just don't go far enough.  MS Word isn't enough.  Online services are lacking. 

We can customize something that does EXACTLY what you need.

Or you need financial reporting spreadsheets that your bookkeeping software just can't do.  We can customize spreadsheets for your unique needs.

Perhaps you need help with setting up or managing Quickbooks, Social Networking, E-mail Marketing Graphics, Web Design, and more.

Let's talk and  see what we can do to help.  We also have references and demos.


When problems arise, we are just a call away. We will drive over or remote in via the internet.  Your computer problem is our highest priority.

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What our clients are saying

"Ren Kessler has been a valuable partner in the success of our business for the past 21 years.  Thanks to Computer Masters being responsible for the installation, maintenance and security protocol  of our entire computer system, we have been able to avoid the problems and disruption experienced by other companies.  Ren has also work with our staff to customize numerous programs like our Access data base.  His ability to log-in and address our requests remotely has been a huge benefit for productivity."

Greg Beebout – President/CEO

PCW Contracting Services

"I’ve worked with Ren on my computer system and a variety of software programs for over five years.  He has always been completely prepared for either an in-person visit or through remote troubleshooting.  He’s got a wide range of knowledge from his decades in the computer industry, and is able to cut through the layers of diagnostics to solve problems that arise.  I’ve found him to be reachable by phone or email quickly, or with an estimate when he will be available to assist.  I highly recommend Ren and his services!"

Dave Garell - President

Desktop Solutions

"For many years, Ren Kessler (Computer Masters) has supported all of my software and maintenance needs for my Windows computers.  He has been especially responsive when one or more of my PCs have been infected or hijacked, and has been able to promptly get me operational again.  Ren Kessler has been my dedicated IT Guy, and I do not hesitate recommending him to anyone for their business or individual needs."

Don Fullman - Financial Consultant

PIP West

"Ren has provided IT support for our company for over 20 years.  He developed a work order and status tracking program for us at that time and after 20 years of usage he has just completed the first major upgrade to the application.  Only someone who can completely understand the client and the requirements could design and create such an application with that longevity.  In addition, he has helped us with our client and server computer upgrades along with our in-house network and is very quick in addressing any computer issue we may have which has been essential for our competitive standing in our industry."

Kirk Breul - Operations Manager

PCW Contracting Services

"Ren Kessler at Computer Masters was instrumental in designing and implementing new software programs for our business.  He is always available by phone or e-mail. We will be using him for our future needs."

David Kinney - V.P.


" I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know Ren Kessler. He is a consummate professional and an expert in computer systems, support and networking. I can not  recommend him highly enough. The work he has done for me has always been on time, done correctly and it always  looks perfect.  Thank you Ren for doing such a great job on everything that you do."

Denise Webster

"I have found the Computer Master, Ren Kessler, to be just that… a master at solving problems. He does it efficiently and effectively. It is hard to top his work but he does as he provides the absolute best overall value. Great service at a great price.
And, he is ALWAYS on time. It is a real pleasure doing business with him and I recommend him to anyone I know needing any kind of computer services."


Steve Burgess - Principal

Global Marketing Resources Inc.

"Ren Kessler is definitely an expert in his field.  He will get to the root of any problem in a cost effective and timely manner.  He knows everything.   He is truly the 'computer master'.  The name suits him well.  Hire him and you will not be disappointed.   A+++ work. "

Jeffrey N. Stivers, Esq.

Law Office of Jeffrey N. Stivers