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How Computer Masters Works

You know, as I do, that the key to business success is how well you deliver products or service.  It is what my son calls "The Customer Experience."  I call it doing my best, and living up to my promises.

My mission is to give you the very best service. I work hard to make that happen. I take pride in my work, and always guarantee it.  I am quick and reliable.  My references will vouch for that.


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Call if you have a problem
or if you just have a question
209-561-9165 / 949-636-6309

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Here is how we work

At your place of business, or remotely over the internet

I'll be there on time.

One thing my father always told me was "do what you promised to do."  My commitment will be do give you an arrival time, and will be there.  If something happens to delay me, and I cannot get there at the promised time, I will call you to let you know why, and how long I expect the delay to take.  I won't leave you hanging.


I work quickly.

Computer problems are not always easy to solve.  However, I have seen almost  everything and can predict, within reason, how long something will take.  As well, I will work on your problem to the exclusion of all other until it is done.  No side trips to another job.  You will be my focus until it s done.

My work is thorough and complete.

Yes,I work quickly, but I never speed through.  I am thorough, and work carefully and completely, and make sure the problem is solved right the first time.  You don't want a half job, and with my reputation at stake, I don't either.


If I can't fix it, there is no charge. No excuses.

Some computer guys will bill you for their lack of results.  If it can't be fixed, or looks like it will take a long time, we need to stop and talk about it.  We might need to move in a different direction. 

If I can't fix it, I will tell you why, and give you some choices.  You will at least have a complete diagnosis at absolutely no charge.

Emergencies get the highest priority.

If your computers are keeping you from making a profit, call me right away.  We will minimize your downtime, and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.  Your emergency is our top priority.


My promise to you.

Once I tell you it is fixed, and you pay the bill, if you find there is still a problem, I will come back and work on it until it is fixed to your satisfaction or your money back. 

Call if you have a problem...or if you just have a question
209-561-9165 / 949-636-6309

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